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GREEN benefits from various technological platforms providing its researchers with advanced imaging, functional exploration, etc. These platforms are developed in connection with the research conducted in the GREEN teams.


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  • MRI facility at IRMaGe

The IRMaGe platform has developed expertise in the field of NMR imaging and functional cerebral exploration (EEG, TMS, NIRS) to support human research projects as well as research projects on small and large animals with clinical, cognitive or fundamental goals in neuroscience. Applications on other organs are regularly conducted.

  • Photonic Microscopy at GIN (Photonic Imaging Center – PIC-GIN) and IAB (Optical Microscopy – Cell imaging)

GREEN benefits from several photonic microscopy facilities. Some are recognized by the national quality label GIS IBISA in the frame of the multisite Grenoble platform Live Sciences Imaging (ISdV).

  • Electron Microscopy at GIN

The GIN electron microscopy platform is dedicated to the ultrastructural study of cells and tissues. This platform is part of the imaging platform for life science (ISdV) and has the IBiSA label.

Behavioral, Cognition and Neurophysiology facilities

  • NEURO-COG at LPCN (site web under construction)

Cognition & Psychophysics: Consists of individual or group (5-10 subjects) testing rooms, each one equipped with specific software for psychophysics research, eye-tracking and material to study movement, perception and cognition. 

Babylab: Experimental infrastructure that allows to carry out studies in developmental psychology with newborn and infants. >

LPNC Functional Neuroimaging Group: transversal network which provides staff engineers and material resources to ensure the optimum flow of neuroimaging experiments.

VICON (Movement capture and Virtual Reality System): technical platform for the 3D-visualization and motion capture

Electrophysiology: methods to record and analyze the EMG activity, the neuro-vegetative system (skin conductance, cardiac and pulmonary activity) and neuronal activity (EEG, ERP-Evoked potentials)

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Animal housing facilities

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Updated on February 14, 2016

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