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Management of GREEN

Prof. Frédéric Saudou, GIN director (PU-PH, CHUG-UGA) is the director of GREEN. He is assisted by two deputy directors, Prof. Elena Moro (PU-PH, CHUGA-UGA), associate director of the Department of Psychiatry, Neurology and Rehabilitation and by Dr Marylin Vantard, GIN Deputy director (DR, CNRS).

Scientific Committee (SciCom)

Members of the SciCom represent the various specialities and thematics of GREEN.

It is composed of the director and the two deputy directors and different representatives of basic, clinical and translational research, and industries.

Basic scientists and clinicians representatives for each disease: Alzheimer’s disease: A. Buisson (GIN Team Leader) and O. Moreaud (CHUGA); Huntington’s disease: S. Humbert (GIN Team Leader) and A. Castrioto (CHUGA); Parkinson’s disease: S. Carnicella (GIN) and E. Moro (CHUGA); Multiple Sclerosis: P. Marche (IAB Team leader) and O. Casez (CHUGA)

Scientist experts in domains that provide transversal approaches for neurodegenerative disorders including: 

  • Brain imaging: E. Barbier (GIN Team leader and co-director of the IRMaGe facility);
  • Brain signals: O. David (GIN Team Leader);
  • Chemistry: A. Boumendjel, (Team leader, Dpt of Molecular Pharmacology) and S. Chierici (Dpt Molecular Chemistry);
  • Radioligands for brain diagnostic and therapy: C. Ghezzi (Head of Inserm Unit 1039/UGA on Bioclinical Radiopharmaceutics);
  • Health and Society: C. Gucher (Head of the Grenoble Health and Society Federative Research Structure); Neurocognition: M. Baciu (Head of the LPNC-CNRS Unit on Cognitive Sciences)

Representatives from:

  • UGA: J.-L. Bosson (Chemistry, Health and Biology division of the UGA);
  • CHUGA: T. Bougerol (Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Neurology and Rehabilitation, CHUGA);
  • industry: C. Roucard (CEO of SynapCell, SAS);
  • University Hospital Federation (FHU) NeuroPsyNov/Epilepsy: P. Kahane (Head of the Epilepsy clinic at CHUGA and Head of the FHU NeuroPsyNov).

GREEN Academic

This committee is composed of the all team leaders of GREEN.

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Updated on April 7, 2016

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