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Selected publications from LIP

  • Beaudoin, M., & Desrichard, O. 2011. Are memory self-efficacy and memory performance related? A meta-analysis. Psychological Bulletin. 137, 211-241. (IF 14.39)

  • Klein-Koerkamp, Y., Beaudoin, M., Baciu, M., & Hot, P. 2012. Emotional Decoding Abilities in Alzheimer's Disease: A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Alzheimer's Dis, 32, 109-125. (IF 3.6)

  • Lehmann, A., Aslani, P., Ahmed, R., Celio, J., Gauchet, A., Bedouch, P., Bugnon, O., Allenet, B.,Schneider, M.P. 2013. Assessing Medication Adherence: Options to Consider. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy. (IF 1.53)

Updated on January 5, 2016

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