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Selected publications from TIMC

  • Bauler S, Jacquin-Courtois S, Haesebaert J, Luaute J, Coudeyre E, Feutrier C, Allenet B, Decullier E, Rode G, Janoly-Dumenil A. 2014. Barriers and facilitators for medication adherence in stroke patients: a qualitative study conducted in French neurological rehabilitation units. Eur Neurol. 72:262-70. (IF 1.36)
  • Colver A, Rapp M, Eisemann N, Ehlinger V, Thyen U, Dickinson HO, Parkes J, Parkinson K, Nystrand M, Fauconnier J, Marcelli M, Michelsen SI, Arnaud C. 2015. Self-reported quality of life of adolescents with cerebral palsy: a cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis. Lancet. (9969): 705-16. (IF 38.27)
  • Delestras S, Roustit M, Bedouch P, Minoves M, Dobremez V, Mazet R, Lehmann A, Baudrant M, Allenet B. 2013. Comparison between two generic questionnaires to assess satisfaction with medication in chronic diseases. Plos One. 8(2): e56247. (IF 3.53)
  • Lehmann A, Aslani P, Ahmed R, Celio J, Gauchet A, Bedouch P, Bugnon O, Allenet B, Schneider MP. 2014. Assessing medication adherence: options to consider. Int J Clin Pharm. 36(1): 55-69. (IF 1.25)

Updated on January 5, 2016

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